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Magnetic Tape

Magnet tape is a versatile method of affixing items to either metallic surfaces or other magnetised surfaces of the opposite polarity. Two types of adhesive are available - either standard, which is a general purpose medium duty adhesive for indoor use or premium, which is a high quality TESA 4965 adhesive with good gripping quality and suitable for outdoor use.

The magnets themselves come in two polarities, A & B. For two magnets to come together they need to be different polarities - A will repel A but will attract B. Just remember 'opposites attract'. Although they look similar, you can tell the polarities apart because A has a smooth back but B has a tiny groove running down the centre. Either polarity will grip onto a suitable metal (like a fridge door).

The tape itself is 1.5mm thick and a 30m reel can be quite heavy, but it's durable and can still be cut with household scissors.

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